Special Studies

“It is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom” Matt 13:11

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The Sons of God: These studies are foundational to understanding God’s original plan and design for mankind.
The Laws of Perfection: These studies are going to answer some of the most fundamental questions  that have been asked.
The Seal Of God and the Mark of the Beast: This study reveals the real meaning of the mark of the Beast.
The Three Kingdoms: Most bible believing Christians are waiting for the “second coming of Christ”. But why did God design two appearances? It is clear that he came the first time in order to die, but after the resurrection why not set up the Kingdom then?

Download the Three Kingdoms study notes.


The Offerings: There is a puzzle. John when he saw Jesus said “Behold the lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world”. In his death, Jesus represented the passover lamb. But the passover lamb was not a sin offering. It was not offered in the tabernacle or temple. It was not offered by a priest, but by the head of household.


The Ultimate Nature: Sequel to the “OFFERINGS.” Gods final solution!

Download the Ultimate Nature study notes.


The Appointments: The seven feasts of Israel and their prophetic significance

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The Sovereignty of God: This study examines the problem of mans free will and Gods sovereignty. If man has free will how does God get his purposes accomplished ?