JLH4finalJLH Women’s Mentoring Services
To listen to the concerns and needs of single mothers as well as pregnant women, providing support, community resources, and spiritual guidance while coping with life challenges.


Who are we?
·JLH WMS is an outreach ministry mentoring women 18 years and older regardless of your background. We care!

·JLH WMS allows you to express your needs and concerns one on one with your mentor, receiving the support and assistance for  you and your family.

·JLH WMS understands life challenges can be difficult at times.We provide mature and positive role models to be there for you.

·JLH WMS believes you are a woman called for a purpose!

How JLH WMS Program Works? Participation is a choice. We ask that you attend classes and make positive choices which enables you to receive rewards from our Learn and Earn Program.


Services JLH Offers
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Activities
  • Baby Supplies
  • Clothes (0-24 months)
  • Support Groups and Spiritual Guidance
One to One Sessions
Sessions are one hour and at this time you may request your concerns and needs. Please bring the following items:
  • State Photo ID
  • Pregnancy Statement (for expecting mothers) 

    Call to schedule your appointment



    JLH Women’s Mentoring Services
    3846 W. Wisconsin Ave. Suite 109
    Milwaukee Wisconsin 53208
    (414 ) 934-0216
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    Appointment only. We do not hold any regular hours of operation. 

    Donations are accepted. Please contact us by phone to make donation arrangements.
    Thank you for your support!